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During my time as a Bmobile customer, I've asked their helpdesk numerous questions regarding their mobile phone services.  I share the questions and answers below.

Can I choose the phone number?
You cannot choose your phone number if you order the SIM card online.  BMobile did say that you may have luck choosing a phone number if you buy the SIM card at a brick-and-mortar shop (e.g. Yodobashi Camera or Aeon) because you can see the phone number assigned to the SIM at the time of purchase.  I went to Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara and asked about this.  They said that I can't shuffle through all of their SIM cards in their stock room hunting for my desired phone number.  Fair enough.  However, I can give them a general request when purchasing the SIM.  For example, I can request 090 or 070 or an easy-to-remember number.  Other shops may have different policies.  Or it may depend on something as trivial as how good a mood your clerk is in that day.

Can I change my phone number?
Yes, but you have to purchase a new SIM card package.  You can't change the phone number assigned to your current SIM.

Can I keep my current phone number?
Yes, you can.  Bmobile supports Japan's standard mobile number portability (MNP) procedure.

Can I change my plan & options later?
Yes, you can.  Bmobile's customer console features options that allow you to change your data plan (e.g. 1GB / month --> 2GB/month) and voice calling options (e.g. international calls, voice mail, etc.).

Does phone X work with Bmobile?  Does phone X get LTE?
Please refer to Bmobile's list: http://www.bmobile.ne.jp/devices/devices.html  I asked Bmobile about this list, and they said that these are the phones they have actually hands-on tested.  Could others work?  Maybe, maybe not.  Do you like that answer?  Yeah, real professional, huh?  You could buy a cheap data-only SIM and give it a try.  Generally speaking, since Bmobile is re-selling NTT Docomo's service, phones that NTT Docomo sells and supports are a relatively safe bet.

Can I use a Blackberry?
You still have one of those??  I know.  I know.  You love that keyboard, huh?  Ummm...sorry, but no.  Blackberries don't work with Bmobile.

Is credit card the only accepted payment method?  Can I pay via bank transfer or debit card?
Only credit card.

I don't have a Japanese credit card.  Can I use an overseas credit card?
Yes, you can.

Can companies use Bmobile's service?
No, companies cannot apply.

A far more exhaustive FAQ (in Japanese) can be found here: http://www.bmobile.ne.jp/personal/faq.html
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