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The only person I can 100% depend on is myself.  If I want something done, it's up to me to do it.  If I require another person's assistance, it's up to me to sufficiently motivate that other person to act.  Leaders are in the position of leadership because they are blessed with something that separates them from those being lead.  They have the talent and/or resources to call others to action on their behalf.  Take George Bush and Barack Obama, for example.  George Bush had the re$ources to obtain his position, while Obama clearly has the leadership talent.

If you're not a leader of others, then  acknowledge this about yourself and do one of two things: Address your weakness (e.g. attend a leadership seminar), or rely solely on your own talents and resources to reach your goals (e.g. design that website yourself or pay someone to do it).

Personally, I find working alone far preferable to working with a team.  Call me a control freak, but working alone allows me complete and utter control over anything and everything I create.  For example, performing comedy and music solo allows me to do exactly what I want.  I'm never disappointed due to something that was outside of my control.  Any comedic successes or failures are mine and mine alone.  I answer only to myself, and this is the most attractive part.  Maybe this is why so many bands break up, and members go solo.

You don't have to be a leader of others to get things done, but you do have to be a leader of yourself.  It's important to consistently encourage yourself to accomplish those personal aspirations.  I like to start this process by taking a look at what I'm good at and what makes me happy.

Know Thineself

Everyone has talents, skills, and characteristics that serve as guide markers for what one should be doing in life.  There are things that come naturally and things that don't.  I've found that my life proceeds all the more smoothly when I know what I'm really good at and what I suck at.

I mapped out a few of mine:
* I'm good at annoying people.
* I can make people laugh.
* I can sing.
* I'm good with computers.
* I can write.
* I prefer individual sports to team sports.
* I fart a lot more than the average person.

Other things I enjoy are a constant struggle for me:
* Learning Japanese
* Playing guitar
* Songwriting

But this doesn't mean I'll stop doing them.  Struggles can be powerful motivators and lesson-providers.  In fact being mediocre at Japanese and music has proved to be an advantageous combination in the comedy world.  What looks like crap in one room can look like gold in another.

When I look at these things, I realize that I harvest the most satisfaction from life when I'm annoying people using a combination of computer skills and jackass comedy.  In fact, those are the moments I'm truly happy.  This brief introspection certainly provided me with valuable personal insight.  Maybe God really did send me here to annoy the hell out of people.

Thus, when you're looking at what you're good at and what truly makes you happy, know and accept that it's all you, baby.

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