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The open source stuff that JomSocial uses to convert and render video uploads (ffmpeg) also supports audio files.  I thought it would be cool to modify JomSocial to allow audio files to be used in its videos section.  It actually wasn't as hard to figure out as I thought it would be.  Please let me know if you have a better way to do this.  It would be cool if I could figure out how to customize the dull background ffmpeg puts on the "video," but at least it works.  Anyways, here's what I did...

* Find this file --> /components/com_community/helpers/videos.php
* Find the section that lists the MIME types that will be accepted
* Change / add MIME types as necessary

For example, I added this to videos.php:

$mimeType= array(

* You may also want to modify the language file so that audio files are listed as allowed uploads.  This just tells those uploading that they're allowed.

Something changed in a later version of ffmpeg, which broke JomSocial video uploads.  The wording on the ffmpeg version / copyright info changed, so some code modification was necessary to fix it.

* Go to a terminal on your server and type ffmpeg -version to see what the version / copyright info wording looks like.
* Edit this file --> /components/com_community/libraries/videos.php and look for the "hasFFmpegSupport" section.
* In my case I had to modify it to look like this:

function hasFFmpegSupport()
//return JFile::exists($this->ffmpeg);
$cmd= $this->ffmpeg . ' -version 2>&1';
$output= $this->_runCommand($cmd);
$hasVersion= JString::strpos( $output, 'ffmpeg version' );
$hasCopyright= JString::strpos( $output, 'the Libav developers' );

Newer versions of JomSocial have an additional file extension check upon upload, so 1 more change is necessary to get it working.

* Find the section below in file /components/com_community/helpers/videos.php, and add the file extensions you wish to support.  I added mp3 below as an example.

public function getValidExtensionType()
$extensionType= array(

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