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I found this awesome Windows powershell script that allows you to install fonts via the command line.  This is very convenient for mass deployment.

$ssfFonts = 0x14
$fontSourceFolder = "\\PATH\TO\FONTS"
$Shell = New-Object -ComObject Shell.Application
$SystemFontsFolder = $Shell.Namespace($ssfFonts)
$FontFiles = Get-ChildItem $fontSourceFolder
$SystemFontsPath = $SystemFontsFolder.Self.Path
$rebootFlag = $false

foreach($FontFile in $FontFiles) {
    # $FontFile will be copied to this path:
    $targetPath = Join-Path $SystemFontsPath $FontFile.Name
    # So, see if target exists...
    if(Test-Path $targetPath){
        # font file with the same name already there.
        # delete and replace.
        $rebootFlag = $true
        Remove-Item $targetPath -Force
        Copy-Item $FontFile.FullName $targetPath -Force
        #install the font.

#Follow-up message
    Write-Host "At least one existing font overwritten. A reboot may be necessary."

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