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I purchased a couple Skyroam pocket wifi devices for my office and have been trying out the service in the field, as well as lending them out to traveling end-users.  Here is a summary of both my own impressions and feedback I've heard from colleagues...

- Works globally for $10 USD per day ($8 if you buy 5 day-passes).  What more can I say?
- The device is fairly easy to use, and the menus show how many day passes are left, time remaining, data used, etc.
- Net surfing speed was acceptable for business use.  I tried Citrix, and it worked well as long as I upgraded to the very latest client.  The older Citrix client version choked at times.
- HSPA+ or 3G only, but 3G is stable with a good signal.  HSPA+ performance was even better and served my purposes well.
- Easy to recharge.
- It's an unlocked pocket wifi device and features an extra SIM card slot, so I believe you can use a local SIM if you wish.  I haven't tried this yet, though.

- HSPA+ or 3G, not full 4G / LTE speeds.
- After 350MB per day, the speed will throttle-down to 2G.
- A 3G pocket wifi device probably won't deliver the best network performance for data-heavy online activities.
- The device itself is not a name-brand, so its long-term build quality is questionable.
- The extra SIM slot is full-sized, instead of the more common micro SIM.

Overall I'm happy with it considering the reasonable price and exceptional convenience, and I've since increased my office's Skyroam cache to 5 devices.  They work very well for business use and light things like checking email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  You can't expect to use it for data-heavy things like video streaming, gaming, etc.  If you're on vacation, then get off the Internet and enjoy your travels instead!

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