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  1. My Experience with Inagawa Motoko (IMO) Talent Agencyhttps://japanatron.com/blog/japan/show-biz/10077-my-experience-with-inagawa-motoko-imo-talent-agency

    later it was not there. Still without a steady income and feeling exploited and upset, I began pressuring IMO to pay for my labor. Complaining Directly Complaining directly was the obvious first step. * "We'll check into itand call you back." They...

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  2. 36 - Overtime in Japanhttps://japanatron.com/?view=article&id=10379:36-overtime-in-japan&catid=52

    Japanese people are known for doing crazy amounts of overtime work, so much so that some have literally dropped dead. There's no way you're going to get American me to work such hours, so what's up with all the overtime in Japan?

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  3. What Japan Taught Me About Americahttps://japanatron.com/blog/japan/general/10076-what-japan-taught-me-about-america

    the consumerist culture. A Culture of Immigration Erecting a massive capitalist economy like America's takes a wealth of labor capital, and the country made a very smart decision by hosting an "open door" immigration policy during the heyday of its...

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