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  1. 32 - Noise Pollution in Japanhttps://japanatron.com/?view=article&id=10352:32-noise-pollution-in-japan&catid=52

    An obnoxious topic covered by a loud ugly American--let's talk about noise pollution in Japan. I rant about Japan's problem with excessive noise, sharing personal experiences and heavily-biased conclusions. POSTSCRIPT It occurred to me that the...

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  2. What Japan Needs - More Anti-Noise Lawshttps://japanatron.com/blog/japan/general/10125-what-japan-needs-more-anti-noise-laws

    it. Tell me--how does annoying your voter base forward your political aspirations? It's a clear case of preventable noise pollution and should be banned. Furthermore, levy stiff fines on offenders. I'm all for the freedom of speech, but it has to come...

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