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Financial services that have come in handy as an expat abroad in Japan.

Kanda Accounting
This is the Japanese accountant I used to setup my business.  Please let him know that David Pavlina referred you since he may give you a discount!
More info here: How to Start a Company in Japan

Shinsei Bank
Banking in English
I blogged about Shinsei Bank here: Which Japanese Bank Do You Recommend?

Shinsei Bank GoRemit

Transfer Money Overseas
"GoRemit" is Shinsei Bank's own app for making overseas remittances (aka money transfers).

Sony Bank
Banking in English
Another excellent Japanese bank that provides English service and support, Sony Bank is a great choice for foreign residents.  Personally, I like their mobile app much better than Shinsei's.

Japan-based US tax accountant
US-TaxCPA.com is the Internet service delivery platform for the US personal income tax practice of Dan Schouten LLC, a Japan Godo Kaisha (GK) company.

Send money home or abroad for much less than the banks.
Wise was an incredible discovery.  It's the fastest, most convenient, and most cost-effective way I've found to send money home or abroad.  It's really come in handy during my life abroad.  I blogged about them here: How I Send Money Between my Japan and USA Bank Accounts - Life Abroad