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Japanese Talent Agencies

My list of talent agencies for foreigners in Tokyo, along with my personal experiences and notes.  Please feel free to use the comment section below to report your experiences.

Alpha Management
Like many of the agencies on this list, Alpha is one of those where I registered and started receiving job offers and audition opportunities; however, I never landed any actual paid work.  Even though I would reply immediately to their emails accepting job after job, I never landed a single job though them.

A friend's recommendation, I had heard from many others that they're professionally-run and respectable.  In fact, I believe they were founded by foreigners frustrated by the questionable business practices of other talent agencies.  I registered with Avocado and almost immediately started receiving job offers via email.  I landed a few auditions and "got very close" to landing jobs, but never actually got anything.

Bayside to me is like the McDonalds of talent agencies--they do high volume.  I get emails from them constantly--the vast majority of them low-paid extra gigs.  Honestly, I very rarely apply to these jobs because I'm not so young anymore and don't feel like doing an 8-hour job for 12,000-yen.

Dag Music
DAG Music is a talent agency primarily for musicians.  As part of the registration process, I recorded and sent them a demo medley, including clips from my original songs.  Unfortunately, that's pretty much the last I heard from them...LOL.  I guess they didn't like my stuff...so sad.  Nevertheless, I was referred to them on the advice of fellow foreigners.

I don't have any experience with them.

Echos Co., LTD.
I feel like Echos is one of those agencies that has their solid favorites and sticks with them.  When I registered with them, they were very kind and professional.  They took their time with me, answering my questions and took many photos to build my portfolio.  I started getting job offer emails from them and thought for sure I'd get some work.  Unfortunately, I never got any jobs, and shortly after the job offer emails stopped coming.

I would consider Freewave a "premium" agency because compared with other agencies, they deal with more big-name clients, high-end jobs, and professional actors and models.  Their registration process was very professional and well-executed, and I started getting job and audition offer emails from them.  Indeed many of the jobs offered higher pay, but that also meant the process and chances of landing the job were slimmer.  Everyone wants those high-paid commercial jobs, so I spent considerable time going to unpaid auditions.  Similar to Echos, I've heard that Freewave has their favorites and sticks with them.

Gaikei Models & Narrators
I don't have any experience with them.

Igrek (Osaka)
A reader in Osaka reported a positive experience with Igrek.  I don't know anything about them since I'm Tokyo-based.

Inagawa Motoko (IMO)
I consider Inagawa Motoko the worst talent agency in Japan.  I documented my experience with them here: My Experience with Inagawa Motoko (IMO) Talent Agency

A reader recommended Junes.  I've never personally dealt with them.

K & M Promotion
I don't have any experience with them.

Lazaris Modeling Agency
I don't have any experience with them.

Remix to me is another high-volume agency like Bayside, as I started getting a lot of job and audition offer emails shortly after registering with them.  They are one of very few agencies on this list that got me actual paid work, so I cannot complain.  But it did feel like a blind darts game--I threw a ton of darts to finally land a job.  Eventually, I decided to part ways with them because I personally don't like the contract they require.  The contract is full of vague verbiage that essentially says that you owe Remix money if they don't like something you do.

Yamada Pro
I can't say enough great things about Yamada Pro.  They are by far my favorite agency, and I've landed the most real paid jobs through them.  Many people say they're the best talent agency in Japan for foreigners, and I completely agree.  The owner David is a veritable angel that hustles endlessly to land everyone paid work.  I was always paid perfectly on-time--sometimes even early.  Highly recommended!

Yoshino Pro
A good friend of mine is registered with Yoshino Pro and reports an excellent experience with them so far.  He said that next to Yamada Pro, he's gotten the most paid work through Yoshino Pro.