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Internet and technology services I've found useful during my time in Japan.

VoIP Service
Anveo is a powerful VoIP service that offers overseas phone numbers, easing the maintenance of homeland presence while living life as an expat.  I explain in more depth in this article: How to Receive SMS Passcodes Abroad

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Asahi Net
English-Speaking ISP
Asahi Net is a Japanese Internet service provider that provides excellent service and support in English.  I blogged about them here: Life in Japan - English-Speaking Internet Service Provider Asahi Net

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SmartDNS Service
Getflix is a SmartDNS (aka selective DNS proxy) service that I use to watch and enjoy streaming services like USA Netflix, Pandora, etc.  I blogged about it here: How to Watch Netflix in Japan

Cloud Servers in Japan
Vultr is a cloud server (VPS) provider that offers a Tokyo datacenter location, making it an ideal option for Asia-focused deployments.  More info: The Hunt for the Ultimate VPS Cloud Servers in Japan