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I said a fond farewell to my old kettle today. In other words, I threw it in the trash. It was purchased 2.5 years ago at Donki Houte (ドンキホーテ) in Nakano-ku. I used it solely to make tea, so the inside was horrendously caked with 2.5 years of tea. In fact, I could make a pot of tea just by boiling water in it.

Unfortunately, I outgrew my old kettle. It holds 1.7 liters of fluid, and I pushed it to the limit each and every time I used it. Tea would explode out of every kettle orifice upon reaching the boiling point. It got kind of annoying.

So I trashed it.

I went to Super Viva Home in Toyosu and bought a 3.7 liter kettle. It's huge and makes a ton of tea. The design looks exactly like my old kettle, so that made me happy. I like my new kettle, but there will always be a place in my heart for my old kettle.

By the way, is a kettle considered "burnable" or "non-burnable?" I put it in with the "non-burnable" thinking it would suffer a slightly less-degrading demise.

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