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  • You bow when talking on the phone.
  • You've figured out kanji for your name.
  • You have a personal inkan and a koseki, and you know what those are.
  • You've accidentally said 「お疲れ様です」 to a friend from your native country.
  • You take your shoes off when visiting your native country.
  • You get upset when having to use a toilet without a heated seat and butt spray.
  • You forget to tip when visiting your native country.
  • You've gotten stuck in the door when rushing for the train on multiple occasions
  • You've been scolded by train station staff for rushing into the train on multiple occasions.
  • The first thing that pops into your head on a cold day is 「寒いですね!」
  • You freak out when you see people wearing shoes in the house.
  • You know the names of all 48 members of AKB48.
  • You like natto.
  • You're so good with chopsticks you can catch flies.
  • You've corrected a Japanese person's kanji stroke order on multiple occasions.
  • You feel guilty about leaving work on time.
  • When someone asks you how long you've lived in Japan, you simply reply, "Too long."
  • When someone compliments you, you deny it replying 「いいえ、いいえ」.
  • You make that chopping hand motion when moving through a crowd of people.
  • You say etto and ano when thinking or pausing.
  • You make that sucking sound some Japanese men make.
  • You slurp noodles like a pro.
  • You're sitting on the floor when everyone else is in chairs.
  • Visiting your native country feels like visiting a foreign country, and returning to Japan feels like coming home.
  • You have more point cards than blood cells.
  • People tell you you've been in Japan too long.
  • Japanese people think you're Japanese.
  • You say eeeeeeeeh when surprised.
  • You've driven one of those black vans demanding all foreigners leave.
  • You no longer suck at math.
  • You're 20 kg lighter than you were when you moved to Japan.
  • You think Disneyland is the awesomest place in the freakin' universe.
  • You own over 5 Louis Vuitton products.
  • When you first came to Japan you had blonde hair and blue eyes, but now you have dark hair and brown eyes.
  • You smell like cigarettes and soy sauce.
  • You've forgotten your native language.
  • People call you Tanaka-san.
  • You teach Japanese people Japanese.
  • You fold plastic bags into 2 cm triangles.
  • You wear jeans and a skirt in the same outfit.
  • You use both hands when handing another person something.
  • You've appeared on television saying 「おいしい!」
  • You've forgotten when the 4th of July is.
  • You can no longer pronounce "r" or "th."
  • You're a ninja.
  • You flash the peace sign when posing for a picture.
  • You wear a surgical mask during hay-fever season.
  • The novel you're reading has a paper cover on it.
  • You ignore phone calls on the train, but get off at the next platform and call back.
  • You drink those vitamin energy drinks while working overtime.
  • You eat noodles at a standing bar-type noodle shop, and you drink all the soup.
  • You love the Eagles and Bae Yong Joon.
  • You cover your mouth when you laugh.
  • You can sleep standing up on the train.
  • Your chihuahua gives you fashion tips.

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