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My brother Steve Pavlina is a professional blogger.  He runs a rather popular self-improvement website.
Since our family name is quite unique, I sometimes get traffic via his site; or people looking for his site simply stumble upon mine.  In rare cases, I'll even get email from his readers thinking I give a flying rat's ass about what they have to say.

What follows is an email conversation I had with one of my brother's  readers.  We'll call her "Jenny."

What do you think of Catholicism? Your brother seems to think of it as a total nonsense.
I am a devoted Catholic; if you want to, watch the video on why somebody should become Catholic: "Creation and Miracles; Past and Present"



Hi Jenny,
Did you go to Catholic school when you were a child?


I'm 18 yr old and graduated from high school this year. I'm taking a year off. I went to a public school.
I am a sedevacantist, one who believes that the popes over the past 50 yrs inlcluding the present one have been actually antipopes.
Something that I don't understand about your brother is that he just dismisses Catholicism as an obviously fictitious and bizarre religion, without even confronting explanation of its various miracles.
I would like you to watch that video.
There's another video in that website called "Abortion, Rock Music, and Freemasonry exposed" which has very interesting information.
Here's some of my summarization of that video and other information from the site:
After Our Lord JESUS CHRIST established Catholicism, bad Jews said, "The followers of JESUS have mysterious powers. Let us also make a mysterious religion of our own" Thus Freemasonry was born in 45 A.D.. They worship Lucifer, has 33 degrees which they can climb up to after being initiated (33 is gotten from the age of JESUS CHRIST). Whenever they had a meeting, they slammed the hammer 3 times in commemoration of the crucifixion of JESUS with 3 nails, and this is the origin of the same practice in law courts. The name 'Freemasonry' is only a few hundred years old. Witchcraft also has the same initiation rites as Freemasonry.
A pope has declared that if a person is initiated in the Freemasonry, that person is automatically excommunicated.
The 33rd president of the US, Truman, was a 32nd degree Freemason when he commanded to drop the atom bombs on two most Catholic cities of Japan, Nagasaki and Hiroshima, (and the 33rd degree parallel goes through right-in-between these two cities). Shortly after Truman was promoted to the 33rd degree for his iniquitous deed.
from: http://iesu.wordpress.com/catholic-situation/

So at this point I'm officially weirded-out by this woman.  Do people realize how freaky they are when they talk like this?  Yeah, whatever.  I'm brainwashed by society and blind to reality.  You're not the one that sat through 12 years of Catholic school.  My reply was simple:

All my brother said is that he rejected Catholicism at age 17.  You should respect other people's spiritual beliefs instead of trying to impose your beliefs on others.


When I was impose beliefs like Korean is a better language than some other language that would be bad but when it concerns eternal salvation/damnation of one's soul, one has to be straight about it and out of charity inform others that Catholicism is the true religion established by GOD Himself and that it is necessary to belong to and practise the Catholic Faith.
If there was someone who had spiritual beliefs that lead to hell nobody would say that he/she would respect that spiritual belief.
Are you going to watch the video?

Sounds like she REALLY wants me to watch this video.  I started thinking about the scene in Poltergeist where that little girl got pulled into the TV.  Is that what's gonna happen to me if I watch this video?  I decide it's best to end this conversation while I still have some semblance of a soul.  I decide not to reply; however, she later contacts me again--apparently upset about something else my brother wrote:

"The fictional stories, dull sermons, and droning recitations were driving me nuts, so I had to find a workable alternative that would still leave my car privileges intact."


This time I follow-up with a short reply:

"Am I my brother's keeper?"
Check out my website.  Maybe you'll be more entertained.
Do you speak Japanese too?


I only know Korean and English.

"Kumsumida" is thank you?

IT should be "Gahmsahamnida"

She sounded a little pissed off that I messed up my Korean spelling.  For such a devout Catholic she sure isn't very forgiving.  This experience made me realize that my mission in life is to annoy people.  My pissing you off will be your test--your examination to pass through the gates of Heaven.  I have been sent here by God Himself to test your tolerance and patience.  Pass, and your treasure in Heaven will be great.  Fail, and suffer eternal damnation burning in the lava-pits of hell while having a pitch-fork shoved up your ass.

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