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Several years ago I enrolled in Sumida Hospital's clinical trials program, participating in one of their paid clinical trials.  Despite the commitment, I found it a rewarding experience both in monetary value and blog-worthiness.  I described the experience in detail here: The Clinical Trial

Since I'm on their mailing list, I receive occasional invitations and information regarding their other clinical trials.  They currently seek Caucasian and Hispanic participants on an on-going basis for a number of well-compensated clinical trials.  The requirements vary based on the specific trial.

FYI ONLY - These are general requirements that seem to reverberate through most all the clinical trials.
- healthy person of Caucasian or Hispanic background (both parents must be Caucasian or Hispanic)
- age between 20 and 45
- weight between 40 kg and 90 kg
- able to refrain from smoking during the clinic stay
* Please note that these are just the major general requirements. There may be other requirements or conditions not listed here that could cause ineligibility for a particular trial.

Please contact Sumida Hospital through their website if interested.  Please let them know that David Pavlina referred you, as this simple act helps to support my blogging efforts.

Here's the link to Sumida Hospital's site.  Here you'll find a list of the current clinical trials open for application.

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